Class meets at:  Westinn Kennels, 7333 Weldon Springs Road, Dardenne Prairie, Missouri 63368


​                              Triune Canine Training,  1903 Edwardsville Road, Wood River, IL 

(Please check the schedule below for correct location)

Cost per 6 week session:
$145 for Intro to Nose Work I and II,  Intro to Odor, Advanced Nose Work, Intermediate Nose Work , Traveling Class and AKC Scent Work.

$160  for the Master Class.

Fee is due before a reservation for class will be made and is non-refundable.

Classes beginning January 2019: 

Monday (Westinn Kennels, Dardenne Prairie MO):  Next session begins 01/07/2019

3:00pm                  Intro to K9 Nose Work™ I  

4:00pm                  Advanced K9 Nose Work™
5:00pm                  Advanced K9 Nose Work™

6:00pm                  Intermediate K9 Nose Work™
7:00pm                  Intro to Odor

8:00pm                  AKC Scent Work   

Tuesday (Triune Canine Training & Event Center, Wood River, IL):  Next session begins 01/08/2019                  ​

7:00pm                   Intro to K9 Nose Work™ I

8:00pm                   AKC Scent Work

Wednesday (Traveling class. Various Locations; IL):Next session begins 01/08/2019

4:00pm                  Master Class

6:00pm              Advanced K9 Nose Work™
7:30pm              Intermediate K9 Nose Work™ 

Thursday (Westinn Kennels, Dardenne Prairie MO):  Next session begins 01/10/2019
3:00pm                  Traveling Class

5:00pm                  Intermediate K9 Nose Work™
6:00pm                  Intro to Odor
7:00pm                  Intro to K9 Nose Work™ II

8:00pm                  Intro to K9 Nose Work™ I  

  • Class registration for this session must be received no later than one week before class begins.
  • There must be a minimum of 4 dogs to hold a class.