K9 Nose Work™

Happy Dog Concepts is pleased  to announce that we offer K9 Nose Work training classes in both Southern Illinois and in the greater St. Louis Area at Westinn Kennels.

Our classes are taught  by a Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) who strictly adheres to the National Association of Canine Scent Work™ (NACSW) guidelines and principles.

K9 Nose Work is a new and exciting detection style sport that dogs of all ages can do. Any dog 4 months or older can do it regardless of activity level.  It is the perfect activity for older or retired dogs as well.

We offer classes from the beginner level through advanced/competition.  Many of our students have gone on to compete and several are at the NW3 Elite level.

Our current class roster includes:

  • Intro to Nose Work
  • Intro to Odor
  • Beginning Nose Work
  • Intermediate Nose Work
  • Advanced Nose Work
  • Elite\Summit 
  • AKC Scent Work

If you would like more information on our classes, please contact us for more information.

Click here for class descriptions and to sign up for a class at Westinn Kennels in Dardenne Prairie, MO or for our Traveling Classes in IL.