INTRO TO K9 NOSE WORK™  - Three (3) 6 week introductory classes that teach the foundation skills using your dog’s natural scenting abilities.     Prerequisite: Intro to K9 Nose Work™ - none.   Intro to K9 Nose beyond the first session must have instructor approval to attend.

INTRO TO ODOR - For dogs who have completed Intro to K9 Nose Work™.   Dogs are introduced to the first target odor, Birch.  Over the ensuing sessions, the other target odors Anise and Clove will be introduced and handlers will begin preparing for their ORT(s).  Prerequisite: Intro to K9 Nose Work™ or instructor approval.

- For dogs that have completed the Intro to Odor class and are proficient on all odors. New skills will be introduced and the search challenges will increase. Handlers will begin preparing for their ORT(s) and NW1.  Prerequisite: Intro to Odor or instructor approval.​

– Advanced level training for dog and handler teams who are preparing for, and competing at, the NW2 & NW3 levels. The complexity of the search areas will increase and advanced handling skills will be addressed.  Prerequisite: Intermediate K9 Nose Work or instructor approval.​​

ADVANCED K9 NOSE WORK™ (Traveling Class) – This is a multi-level class providing advanced level training for teams competing at the NW2 level and above.  This class will meet at a different location each week. Prerequisite:  Instructor approval.​​

ELITE CLASS - For experienced teams who have completed their NACSW™ NW3 Elite and are trialing at the Elite Division and Summit levels. Prerequisite: MUST be NW3 Elite or above.

AKC SCENT WORK – This class is for dogs that are proficient on birch, anise and clove.  The stronger target odors will be introduced, as well as cypress. This class will focus on the AKC rules and introduce buried hides and as well as handler discrimination. Dogs coming from classes other than ours, must have instructor approval.